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There’s been a constant unknown war between Dog & Cat lovers. Here’s why dogs are better and why cats are the pets of evil, evil people.


  1. No protection whatsoever – Even the littlest dog will bark or yelp at intruders. All cats will do is watch as they steal all of your belongings.
  2.  They are always the evil ones in movies- Hellooo cats vs dogs? All dogs go to heaven? Where do cats go?
  3. No clumps of cat hair – Ok dogs shed too, but atleast you won’t find clumps of wet fur.
  4. This article right here  and this 
  5. They won’t help you exercise – You can walk, or run with your dog and play fetch, with cats you just kinda stay at home.
  6. Litter boxes – Ok I don’t pick up poop from a box or any wear else.
  7. Scratches – If you rub their belly’s or anywhere and they don’t want to be petted they’ll scratch you. Dog’s nope you may get a growl but at least you know to back off without a wound.
  8. Never happy to see you home- No tail wagging, no kisses, nothing