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With summer quickly approaching I have one horrifying realization, I don’t have any cute shades to wear with all my cute clothes. Not to worry with Warby Parker (finally) releasing their summer collection I have a little bit of hope. With shades with multiple colors and and styles I can look cute while driving and reading on the beach without the sun blinding me.




My favorite shades so far are the ‘Cliff Striped Olive’ with it’s neutral mix of brown and gold with a dark green lense it’s something I can dress up or down for an effortless look.3



Starting from $95 and up they’re a perfect way to upgrade your look.




As far as my everyday look, or whenever I want to see, the ‘Lyle Hanalei Tortoise’ are perfect! I love the green in the frames really make an impact on your everyday look with out being way too much. Plus you never see this print anywhere, it’s unusual in a perfect way. 1


So know that you’ve see the collection of  eyeglasses and sunglasses what do you guys think? Can you get behind these shades?