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The weather has finally cleared up enough where its safe and beautiful enough to travel. And I for one plan on getting out and making the best of this summer! I made a summer resolution, to go on every fun trip that was offered to me. So far I love it! If you follow me on instagram (if not here’s a link) you saw me post a photo of my mini vacation,of me in my lush hotel. That was actually a spur of the moment road trip for my cousin’s graduation in Huntsville, Alabama. Unfortunately I left my camera (like I said short notice) but no matter where I go, I always have my phone so it’ll always go on instagram (even more reason to follow me) anyway!! Lets get in to the traveling must haves since I think everyone will be traveling and I’ve been roadtripping since forever I’ve knocked it down to about 8 essential things you need to grab before you hit the road.

1. A awesome book, no matter how many people you travel with or how fun they are you run out of things to talk about. Grab a book and headphones to relax before the excitement to come!

2. Camera please don’t forget!! Don’t be like me and see all the beautiful sites that you cant capture.

3.A Sun Hat. Your hair and skin will thank you. Use the hat for when you over sleep and need to run out for the dinner or event you almost missed. Your skin will love you because duh sun protection.

4. Sun screen. You really can’t go anywhere without out it. You don’t want to come back with sun burn.

5. Make up removing wipes, no one is going to want to use their clarisonic coming home drunk. Save your skin and your pillow from breakout causing bacteria by getting you a pack of face wipes so you can lay down and take off your mascara.

6. Bikini, you never know when you’ll need one you may stay in a hotel with a Jacuzzi or an awesome pool area. And you gotta go in there!

7. Sunglasses, Really its a vacation!

8. Maxi Dresses!! Pack as many as you can. You can dress it up or down and always look fierce plus its a no fuss out fit.

** Bonus ** Advil & condoms for those nights you won’t quite remember. 😉