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Another summer is upon us,well it’s spring, but it feels like summer. A time for road trips, summer romance, long hot nights. Last weekend I was out of town and it inspired me to make this a summer of adventure (clique yes). I never really do anything during the summer time, I always say that I want to do some much but I either get stuck at a summer job or I’m to broke. This summer neither of those things will happen. I’m going to focus on me and have a real fun summer this time.

First: ROAD TRIP!!! – I would love to rent a vintage car, pack it full of booze & friends and just drive…

Second : Beach Baby!! – I can’t remember the last time I was at a beach. Maybe when I was 14? So it’s been 7 years…

Third: Go to a Unfamiliar city/town : I really want to get out my bubble and explore other cultures and people’s way of living.

Fourth: Festivals/Concerts/etcetera : Come on now, it’s not a summer without one!

Fifth: Party at a club in a different city: Lik
e I said I want to explore different cultures, and partying is a culture.