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Working at a makeup counter you get a ton of questions, like why is my foundation fading after 3 hrs or how to keep your eyeliner from smudging. But the most asked question is how to keep your lipstick on longer. We do a lot with our lips. From kisses to drinking coffee, that’s alot for your lipstick to stand up to. Seeing that I also have a fondness of a great bold lip I was out on a mission! I found 5 easy ways  that will make your lipstick stand up to just about anything!

Stay Away from any glosses or any super hydrating product – When you have a lip color that is super shiny or glossy it won’t stay long, Your lips will absorb the hydration,which will make your lipcolor fade a lot faster.

Rich color – Deep pigmented lip colors are going to last longer because the color payoff is so rich and lush. Stick to bold color hues like purples and reds and avoid anything that is too close to your natural lip color it’ll fade faster.

Prime – Lip primer can help in a lot of cases, as well as a good lip liner. Just line your lips with the product, then fill in the lips. Rub your lips together a few times to make sure it’s full absorbed. My favorite lip primer right now is by Bite cosmetics it has jojoba oil in it to keep your lips smooth and moisturized while silica helps the color stay on longer and nourishes the lips. It also, just like an eye primer, makes the lip color bolder and prevents any type of feathering.

Don’t put on a gloss or anything over it – As much as it will hurt avoid putting any additional glosses over your lips. The oils in the gloss causes the lipstick to break up and fall into those unflattering lip cracks.

Exfoliate and moisturize – make sure when you’re not wearing those bold lip colors that you’re exfoliating with a sugar lip scrub and moisturizing with your favorite lip balm.

Avoid blotting – I know you’re taught from your first lip gloss to blot off any excess product. But don’t. That extra product will actually make your lipstick last longer. I mean it’s extra product so when you accidentally lip your lips you won’t be removing any product! Just make sure it’s not too much extra product. Great rule of thumb, rub your lips together if you can feel your lipstick move or any gets on your teeth you have too much!!


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