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I can sit here all day and tell you how to get that perfect eye look, or how to get your foundation flawless. None of that will matter if you don’t have the proper tools. Brushes are the most important part of any make up routine, they’re the unsung heros of our face. Just imagine trying to put on foundation with a brush that’s caked with product?  You’ll have face of streaks and way too much product on.  But don’t worry there’s an easy way to avoid that, just wash your brushes once a week. Yeah that’s it. You’ll use less product and have a great finish to your makeup look. And its not hard task just wash them with a brush shampoo,a gentle conditioner. I just use a little bit of my cleanser and it works great.

What you want to do is gather all your brushes and place them in cool lukewarm water and let them sit for a couple of seconds.  This will lose up any product that you have in your brush. Please note that if you haven’t washed your brushes in a while that the product might not come out that easily.

Next choose whichever brush you like and pump about a dime size amount of cleanser on to your palm. Very lightly swirl the brush into the cleanser. Once you see a good amount of  product off the brush, rinse and repeat until all the product has left the brush. Continue on to the next brush until all your brushes are cleaned.

When drying the brushes place them on a flat surface facing down, you can hang them as well as long as they are facing down. This prevents any water from sitting in the brush and creating any mold, it also assures that the water will trickle out onto the bristles and drip out so the glue holding the brushes together won’t loosen.

I’ve gotten some questions on my google plus page and on my Facebook page about using your hair dryer to dry off brushes. Although that is a great trick to dry your brushes faster just make sure that the brush is not natural hair. The heat may cause the hair to frizz. If you choose to try the method on your own use it in the coolest setting possible so you won’t heat the glue and cause bristles to fall out, and also make sure that the brush is synthetic.

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