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There’s nothing worse than seeing a girl with an amazing outfit and when you get down to her shoes its an awful match. I won’t bore you with a long story but I have been a avid shoe lover since I was four so I know a few tricks of the trade. I will note these are guidelines, not rules, play with your look and love it. These are guidelines I follow when picking out the shoes for my outfits.

1. The shorter the pant length the skinnier the heel. I love how long it makes my legs look and it slims them down.

2. When it comes to a full length Jean anything goes.

3. Never wear a short bulky wedge. Although they are comfortable, they make the shoe look clunky. If you must wear a wedge opt for something higher you’ll have the comfort of a flat but the look of a stiletto.

4. Strappy suede platform sandals, no. I just think the ruin any outfit. And I mean ANY I have yet to see a girl that can pull it off.

5. Leather is always better.

6. Make sure you can walk in heels before you actually, walk in heels. I’ve been that girl, it’s not fun. It’s fine to practice in your house or walk around your block with them on to break them in ( If you have a treadmill you can also use that) just so you won’t have to do the hurt feet walk.

7. Nude shoes are always chic.

8. If you’re going to be walking around in heels keep the heel 4 inches or below so your feet won’t hurt to bad. 5 inches and above should be reserved for events where you’ll be sitting.

9. You chose to wear the shoes you chose to endure the pain. I get heels are uncomfortable, but don’t take your shoes off. Its just nasty, unless you have roll up shoes in your bag. I’m sorry please keep them on till you get to your car, you don’t know what happened on that floor. Better yet insoles do wonders and remember keep the heel lower. You’ll be cute and comfortable, not cute and in pain.

10. Clean your shoes duh.

11. Avoid pure white shoes at a club or party. Save them for events wear you won’t be on your toes so they won’t get scratched or dirty.

12. A cute pair of sneakers are an easy must have, choose one for many outfits or vice versa.

13. Ankle strapped heels for those sun dress, Flirty skirt days. They are just oh so sexy.

14. Metallic and satin shoes are never a bad choice.