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It’s a hard life for us girls who are the life of the party. One day we’re on the moon, the next day you’re in the bed wishing the sun wasn’t so bright. It’s a painful crime, and a lesson that we must learn, once you’re drunk your drunk, stop drinking. So it’s time to wipe the mascara of your eyes and stop wondering who that guy is beside you and where your bra went and get ready to face the day. I’ve been there done that and have created a master plan to look amazing while your sobering up.

{Shower up & Wash your face}

Nothing’s more refreshing than a nice warm shower. You feel a lot less gross and sticky when you get out. So freshen up and get your hair washed and cleaned.

{Drink Cold Water}

It may not wake you up, but it’ll give you the energy bolt you need. The cold water jolts your system and wakes everything up and will give your skin a nice refreshed look.

{Do Your Hair}

Style your hair in an up tight bun or ponytail for a chic easy to go look with out doing much, if you have shorter hair tuck it behind your ears or slick it down for a mod pixie look. Make sure you brush your hair out thoroughly to get all of the knots out and it looks tamed.

{Make Up Is A Must}

Put on a Bold Lip Color. This will brighten up your face and give you a look of “doneness”. Keep the rest simple with a tight eyeliner on the lashes and a quick dusting of mascara. A little bronzer on your cheekbones will completely the look for an extra glow.

{Get Dress}

As far clothing goes, a nice simple skinny jean with flats will be chic and stylish with a nice colorful scarf & don’t forget your coffee.