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I have a painful revelation, I spend to much money on junk food / fast food. And its making me blotted and gross. I hate to say I’m not in to working out. I don’t want to work out with people ( trust me you don’t want to see me move & I sweat worse than a pig in a slaughter house)  and I forget where my work out DVDs are. Plus my knees suck & I run like a duck so no running. But I do walk about 2 miles everyday according to the watch I wear to work and not counting when I walk just around. And I’m always dancing in my room so there’s that. Its not that I don’t move, but when I do it’s not enough to compensate what I eat.

Anyway what you just read are nothing but (valid) excuses. It’s time to change, to eat healthier and work out or at least stop eating fast food and move more. So first step first. Cleanse. Cleansing, when used properly, is a great way to remove all the toxins from your body and start over. And that’s what I need, a restart button that will at least remove the junk out my system. Also another great thing about cleanses is that they boost your energy level so you can be more active!  Just like a diet, this is a temporary fix, the results aren’t permanent so you have to keep up the healthy lifestyle in order to keep the results.

I was looking up on the 5 day gut flush cleanse. Sounds like a doozy don’t it? Well that’s what I want, I want my organs to shine after this cleanse.The cleanse allows you to eat one solid meal (preferably lunch)  and two liquid meals. This will be easy to incorporate in my diet since I really only eat lunch, occasionally dinner if its something good.

When on this you don’t want to eat any grains, processed food, no alcohol(Oh no!) and take a probiotic everyday. Not too harsh just for 5 days right?

Wish me luck guys  I’ll try to document everything on here so you can see what its really like. Talk to you soon