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Believe it or not, clear skin is pretty easy to get. I have discovered a easy 4 step process that will have your skin clearer in about 3 weeks. This is great for all skin types and I mean everyone.


Of course wash your face, but it’s not about just washing your face it’s about how you wash your face. You should be using a facial cleansing brush. Using a brush will help your cleanser actually work. Move the dirt up out of the pores and clear off your face, with all the dirt out the cleanser can go in and do it’s job. Also it’ll help stimulate your blood flow you’ll look more radiant after. The brush I recommend is the Clarisonic, its spinning brush head gets deep in to your pores and cleans your skin the best, but any brush is better than using just your hands.


Treat –

You need a serum. Period. This is the treatment to cure your skin of any ickiness. Say you have larger pores and you want to get rid of them, get your serum out and get rid of them! Also it’s never too early to start anti aging, seriously. Now I’m not telling you to get something for deep wrinkles but something with a little anti aging in it will do you some good. Remember it’s easier to prevent than to fix. Also remember the brush I was telling you about earlier, and all that stuff about blood flow? Yeah well while your blood flow is up right now but the serum, or whatever treatment you have on so when your blood flow goes back down it takes the serum with it.



Even if your serum has a little moisture to it you still want to put a moisturizer on. This will help your skin stay soft and silky while your serum  cleanser works under the surface.


Drink water-

Every day no matter what. This will help cleanse and get the toxins out of your body so it doesn’t show up on your skin. Plus it’s a great way to boost your metabolism!

Follow these steps and I promise that you’ll see a difference in the overall condition of your skin. Bonus tip, try doing a mask every couple of weeks just as a maintenance up keep. If you do choose to get a brush (which you should) expect to see some pimple pop up on your face for the next couple of days. But don’t freak out, your skin is just purging once it’s done, and all the junk is out of your skin you will rarely break out. I have been doing this system for months and I can’t remember the last time I had a break out, and that’s including hormonal breakouts.


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