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You remember Corinne Bailey Rae? The Ray before Lana Del Rey?  She was the smooth neo soul singer that had everyone putting their records on and wearing their hair in its curlier natural state. She has since been MIA since her debut self titled album back in 2004. Although we may have not heard anything on the radio about her recently she is still working on music with her third album coming out soon I can’t help but reminisce laying on my bed listening to “Like A Star” on my radio (yes my radio). My all time favorite song by her was Young and Foolish, a song that she collaborated with Craig David aka the stix for ‘Young And Foolish’ everything about this song is perfect from the first line to the beat it’s all amazing. It’s all about being young, foolish, & naive making mistakes and learning from them. After all isn’t that what life is all about?  Listen below.