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thigh gap

I’ve never understood the thigh gap. Growing up it wasn’t the epitome of beauty, if you had a thigh gap it meant your vagina was loose and you had way too much sex. That’s what I think about as far as the whole thigh gap situation goes. Apparently a lot of people are up in arms about the latest fashion film ‘The Magic Gap’ by Nowness that glorifies the gap. Blame this latest pointless uproar on the whole love yourself campaign. I get that there are impressionable young girls that may get the wrong idea if watching this video, but as you can see in this video the thigh gap is everywhere. I remember watching Oprah when I was younger and she was talking about how we’re supposed to have a gap in between our thighs. Of course, she jokingly said ‘I don’t know how but it’s supposed to be there!’ So it’s not anything new, people have been obsessed with it for years.


The artist Guy Aroch created this video to diffuse the controversial topic and bring beauty in to it instead of outrage. Although intentions were good, this was not the time or the place. With so many girls with negative views on their body image, was it right to try to post something glorifying what so many girls want to have already? Well if you listen to what the people are saying in the video you can tell there’s a lot more humor behind it than any real seriousness. At the end of the day I love how the video was shot, it was very nice to watch, then again I do like abstract videos. All I will say about the thigh gap is, it’s just a fad. And if you want young girls to start thinking that they are beautiful, maybe you should stop blaming the media  and talk to your girls and tell them that they are beautiful. Or better yet, teach young girls that the most attractive thing is a personality, education, and a skill set instead of worrying why they don’t think that they are pretty. Teach them that it’s not all about how you look, beauty beauty fades.

View video below.