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Bob Odenkirk

Although I’m not a huge fan of the name (saul was my least favorite character) I’m too excited for this spin off of Breaking Bad. I just can’t let go! It was the only series that I actually get hooked on and couldn’t wait until the next show, and I don’t do that for any show, ever.

Premiering sometime in November 2014. Saul (Walter White’s lawyer) returns to Albuquerque to resume his career representing drug lords, criminals, and of course the people affected by minor fender binders. the network has already created a website based around the fictional lawyer Saul with his signature videos and testimonials of former clients.

The show is worth a little look over, hopefully it won’t fall short of Breaking Bad, but with the name “Better Call Saul” I can’t imagine it on my DVR like I can Breaking Bad. Still I’m too excited to see what the show will be like. Although I think it would be cool if Jessi Walter White’s partner decided to keep the legacy going and it would be call ‘Breaking Even’. A girl can dream can’t she? Oh well, will you be watching the spin off or is it time to let it go?