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Its funny how when you’re in a fight with your lover and you can’t seem to think more than 5 minutes in the future. Your blood boils over you can’t think, you don’t make sense and at the end of the day you just want it to be over.

We’ve all been there, after a while you start to wonder is it all worth it? Is this what I want my life to be like? Even though after every fight, you make up does that mean that it’s alright to fight? Is it to much to ask for more than 3 weeks of sanity?

You hear the same thing all the time, couples fight. You can’t help it. Yes you can! Discussion and honest communication, will minimalism the arguments but this will only work if your partner also wants to end the tension too.



The most important thing is that you too are on the same page, no question. You both have to understand the wants and needs the the other wants in order to know where their mindset is and what’s important to them. Only when both partners goals are the same can a relationship reach it’s full potential. For example, if one person wants kids and the other doesn’t, they may start to feel like their opinion is not being heard or valued. In short this puts a strain on the relationship, leading to it eventually ending.

Just make sure at the end of it all, you both want this to work, and you both want the same thing out of the relationship. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. A break up is the end to a chapter in your life, not the end. It’s a chance to flourish and build a new life.

And remember. Never under any circumstances sacrifice your happiness for anyone. It’s your life, if they want to be apart of it fine, but don’t let them bring you down. Rise up to greatness, never settle.