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After a long night of binge drinking and making bad decisions, you probably have some crazy stories to tell. And we can see them all on your face. The access oil, the mascara and glue mix you have going on in your lashes from your faux lashes, and not to mention the fact that you smell like a pub. But you’ve got an image to protect or you just don’t want your skin to be gross anymore. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered after years of sleeping in makeup, and partying so hard I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make my skin look as innocent as a sweet church girl.

First thing first. Wash that make up off! However you do it is fine just make sure you get it all off. Use either a gentle cleanser or make up wipes. Either one will do fine.

O.D. on water. Please no caffeine, ok maybe one cup of coffee but no more. You’re already seriously dehydrated from the night before you don’t want to be sucked dry. If you must drink caffeine have a tea instead. But you need to drink at least 2 big cups of water in the morning this will help your skin plump up and flush out those toxins.

Last step. You can either do a peel or mask. I prefer a peel just because your skin looks flawless after, because it removes that very first layer of skin.  you could also do a deep cleansing mask it’ll get the job done and your skin will feel a lot better. But note if you do a peel you can not doing anything (exfoliate, use your Clarisonic or any facial brush, or mask)  for at least 3 days because it’ll seriously irritate your skin.

Your eyes are probably swollen or have some serious bags. That’s when your eye cream comes in. Place a depuffing eye cream under your eyes if you need it. But a detoxifying mask would help with a puffy face.

Your skin should be looking 10x better or at least returned to its natural glory. The most important thing to do is drink water,it’s like a natural detox and that’s the most important thing you do is get those toxins out of your skin.  Good luck party people!