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You’ve heard about their award winning mascara, now they’re expanding the line to an eyeliner and make up remover. Read the

review of both below before its released!

The Break Down :

They’re Real MakeUp Remover – it has more of a lotion texture than a gel. I love that it comes in a tube instead of a

pump, I can control how much I want out of it. Its a really good remover and I’m shocked because I really didn’t care for the mascara that much. It only took a second to remove my make up and I didn’t feel any of that oily residue that I get from some removers.

They’re Real Liner : This one is a bit weird. Its a push up gel liner, you twist the bottom until you see the gel come out of the angled top. It does not twist back down, which isn’t a bad thing. The angled top is the only thing I really have an issue with because it can get a little tricky to do a cat eye but once you get the hang of it it’s easy. Since it is a gel it does have amazing staying power. When I get new liner I like to put some on my hand and shower with it on to see how it stands up to moisture and humidity. This liner did not budge even after rubbing my finger on it hardly any came off,I had to take my cleanser to it to remove it.

Love It or Leave It : Absolutely Love It! Both are great innovative approach to beauty. This product will hit stores June 27th.