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Lady Gaga just loves to create controversy. Recently the singer partnered with R.Kelly for her most recent track “Do what you want” and the video hasn’t even been released yet but people are already upset about it calling it a Rape commercial based off a clip from the opening scene.

The first scene of the video features R. Kelly as a doctor and Lady Gaga as the patient. Then Gaga asks Kelly” Will I ever be able to walk again?” Kelly response ” Yes, if you let me do whatever I want with your body” he then adds ” I’m putting you under, when you wake up you will be pregnant.” Can I just say this has the making of a bad prono written all over it, but it gets worse better. R Kelly basically starts feeling Gaga up underneath the modesty sheet and asks her “How does it feel?” Gaga responds breathlessly with ” Seems like that medicine is starting to kick in.” With a dramatic sexual moan she passes out. As if right on cue the stereotypical sexy nurse complete with red lingerie come strutting in and start partying on top of Gaga.

It then goes on to have Lady Gaga rolling around fake news article proclaiming that she’s BARES IT ALL with Terry Richardson takes photos of her.

I don’t know what Gaga was thinking with this video, but it seems like a remake of Rihanna’s S&M kinda. Mind you this is all from the mid of Terry Richardson, a known predator. I thought it would be a in a club and they did ecstasy or something like that then kinky sex ensues. But what more could you expect from a video called “Do what you want”?I wonder why Gaga would have two of the perviest guys in the industry, both with a history of being sexual predators on a song telling them to do what they want to you? Maybe she wanted to send a message, Maybe I missed it.

View the clips leaked from TMZ below and let me know what do you think? If this video does eventually get released do you think that it would promote the rape culture?