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Ya’ll can have Rihanna, I’ll take Erykah Badu any day.  Why, she’s bold an unforgiving and doesn’t have to be naked to do so. But this isn’t a Rihanna diss this is my love for Erykah Badu, while woman everywhere shunned their natural texture she embraced it, she even went completely bald. She’s never afraid to show who she is, and doesn’t go on to act like she’s a celebrity or is better than the rest. She is simply Erykah, crazy, out there, bold, and beautiful Erykah.


43rd Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals


I’ll never forget when I heard first of course it was “Tyrone” and it made me fall in love with that name. The song,however, I didn’t understand till I was much,much older.  I loved the soul in her voice and how real she was in the lyrics, she didn’t sugarcoat it, it is the perfect song to cuss out any deadbeat boyfriend that you might have.

Jazz A Vienne 2012

Although “Tyrone” was the first song I heard, it’s not my favorite. My all time favorite is Penitentiary Philosophy, the intro with all the voices sounds just like my mind. Like she’s going crazy being trapped in this tinybox. It’s crazy, it’s psycho, it’s just Erykah. I won’t babble on, I’ll let her speak for herself,granted some of the looks are out there, but as I said before. She fears now judgement from man only the judgement from God.  Here are some of my favorite looks from my ICON.


Hennessy "Wild Rabbit" Campaign Launch Event erykah-badu-pu erykah-badu-mo thumb Screen-Shot-20


Oh and let’s not forget this little gem here…