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“I believe that all women are pretty without make up but the right make up can be pretty powerful.”- Bobbi Brown


I always hated my makeup set up, it was really just on my dresser and to be completely honest. All the waxes, creams, and gels tore up my finish. Not to bad just enough that everytime I try to clean it the rag turns brown. Anyway earlier this week I decided to move my computer out of my room, to the loft and had a naked, dusty table in front of me. I also didn’t want a bare wall in my room so I did what any sensible female would do, I turned it into a vanity table.


Super easy. All you need is paint and a dream.

The process

The process


First thing that had to go was the black, I despised the paint job on that table. So I took my handy dandy spray lavender spray paint and sprayed that baby down. It’s so much faster and easier to get and even coat.

Make sure you’re in an open area so all those fumes won’t make you sick. When you start painting stand at least 8 inches away, easiest way to tell is how it comes out if you see spots coming out, you’re to close. It should look like a shower head spraying water on the table. And just go back and forth until it’s even. you may have to go over some spots again but it’s no big deal.


Then just let it dry. I went back over the top a gloss coat and it was set. It took about an hour and a half to finish this  project. Then just put your make up and designs on it an viola! You’re done.