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Through my quest to flawless skin, I have found some things that work and some stuff that works amazingly well. I have some favorites and some not so great ones. These are what I use when my face breaks out or I have some serious evening out to do. My little wonders.


Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Mask for acne

Last week I had the worst break out I had in forever. I had pimples on my face, my chin and even on my decollete. This mask, I tell ya, this mask cleared everything up in the matter of a days. It’s a very thick clay mask so make sure your face is damp before you apply leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse. You’ll start to see your pimples get little white heads, thats a good thing it’s pulling all that junk out. I then applied it again the next night and then the night after that. My that last time I didn’t even need it, my acne was gone. The best part you get a huge jar for $40 dollars and you only need a finger tip amount for your whole face.


Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Sleeping Mask

Also a little jar of wonder. Vitamin C lightens brightens and tightens the skin  aka makes you look flawless. It evens out your skin in the matter of 14 days. I use this every night and my skin clears up dark spots and all, but that’s not even the best part. It’s a sleeping mask, all you do is cleanse and put it on and let this baby do the rest. And yes it’s light enough to wear underneath your make up.


Sephora 8 hr mattifying moisturizer

Of course this thing mattifies sometimes it seems thick but it does keep my face mat for hours also it has SPF 20 which is awesome.


Cleansing Brushes 

I highly recommend getting a cleansing brushes over washing with your hands. When you wash with your hands your basically just wiping makeup off, barely. You’re not getting anything out of your pores, this is what is causing you to break out. But this brush will dig deep in pores and really get everything out, meaning that there will be nothing left to make pimple out of. It’ll also make your cleansers work better, because its getting down in there.