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Ok, guys I just got through with the best scrub of my life! I always had a soft spot in my heart for scrubs, it’s a great way to get rid of the dead skin cells without doing something as dramatic as a peel. It’s called a brown sugar scrub but the way it’s done is really like no other. Let me give you the rundown

You take about a handful of brown sugar and pour in Canola oil or any oil it doesn’t matter, just remember 2 parts sugar, 1 part oil. I don’t use measurements with my homemade scrubs, if there’s any left over I just keep it for next time. Mix them together till all the sugar is mixed well with the oil, it sound be a very thick paste. Take a shower wash on up then work the scrub in to your skin. I recommend getting out the shower and doing this while standing on a towel because oil & water don’t mix.

Here’s where it goes from being a normal scrub to one with a twist. Take your razor and start shaving like you normally would. Don’t worry your razor will glide over your skin but it does remove any excess dead cells that you may have.

I just did this and my skin feels amazing! Seriously it lightened up my tan (that got way pass glowing) made my skin feel super hydrated and evened everything out. Perfect for summer and started a great canvas for my next summer tan 🙂