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Eyeshadow primer- Use it for a base for your eyeshadow or for a glossy lid look.

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Get Baby Soft Hands and feet – Apply a generous amount to your hands & feet right before bed. Put on a pair of socks and gloves, wake up to baby smooth feet & hands!

Perfect brows– a sweep of vaseline will keep those bad boys in place all day long.

Lip scrub- Mix a little sugar and a little vaseline once a week for the perfect lip scrub.

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Make your own cream blush– Swirl some powder blush in some vaseline for the perfect cream blush. Works better if the vaseline is on your cheeks already.


Highlighter- Put a little on your legs along with your lotion for an instant tan look.

Nail Polish Saver– Swipe some vaseline on the top of the bottles to keep the top from sticking.

Keep fragrance on longer – Apply a little dab where you sprayed the perfume to make it last longer.


and lip balm duh!