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Ok, so there’s been a bunch of hoopla over Rap superstar Nicki Minaj Anaconda album art. What’s the big deal well she’s in a G-string and bra squatting and showing off her ass-sets. Alot of people think it’s unacceptable, why eh I can see why, that’s a whole lot of ass. Nicki minaj thinks it’s about race, I just think the whole thing is tasteless. It’s so unnecessary I think it was something she did to stay relevant and basically do exactly what it’s doing, get people talking. While I don’t agree I don’t think it’s wrong that she did it. I mean she’s an artist, this is how she wanted to present her art then so be it. It’s raunchy, trashy and slutty to say the least but it’s her so why even entertain it. Some people are really mad and upset about it but those are the people who have rarely looked at themselves in a clean mirror.


We’ve all done things that people find unacceptable, we’ve all done things that some people just don’t like. Her’s yes was on a global scale, ok she has young fans, but just like most of us we have young people that look up to us to and we do things we don’t want them to do (like have sex with random people). So why be mad at this one?


Look the way I see it if you’re a slut or want to do something slutty do it. Let your freak flag fly, as long as it doesn’t bring shame to you and you can look at your self in the mirror and smile then do it. It’s no one else’s business, you don’t have to have a reason you’re living your life as you see fit. If being sexual empowers you then let it empower you. I have worn things that I thought were very sexual and done things that were sexual that made me feel stronger and love myself even more. So do it, go head nicki go head any body.


If you’re a slut be a slut, if you have class be classy we have enough hate in the world don’t spread hate and evil, it gets us no where. At the end of the day this is her life to live, and you have your life to live don’t live it wrapped up in someone else’s. Keep doing you ladies no matter how many people are watching. They’re going to talk whether you’re doing good or bad so you might as well give them one hell of a story! 😉