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I’ve always been fascinated by photos, great moments in time captured thru a lens that can spark so many emotions. Photos are the only thing that can tell you a story but say no words, can make you feel the energy while being so far away from the event. Its the only thing that can make a moment last forever. That’s the sensation I get when I see Jessica Lehrman photos.



When her site first came up on my feed I wasn’t interested, the bold printed *Photo*Thug*Life was a complete turn off, my thoughts were ‘oh god another teenager with a camera.’ But as I viewed the photos I was really impressed, not only where the photos in such details that I felt placed in that very moment, I could feel the energy coming off of each and every person.

Danny Brown

Lehrman, according to her bio photographs rap & Revolution, in other words the kids that you wouldn’t expect to see in the rap culture as well as the typical rap culture. I encourage you to view her blog photothuglife.tumblr.com, and her official site JessicaLehrman.com to view the full collection of her photos, also don’t forget to share and comment.


All photos are courtesy of Jessica Lehrman Official site & Tumblr.