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Kat Von D has finally updated her lipsticks for her line at Sephora, but if you fell in love with her lipstick’ home girl’ then you’re out of luck they did away with it. I know it hurts but we will prevail! She’s got this hot blue lipstick that I want to try but first lets talk about her new liquid lipstick.


Vampira is a great replacement for 'Home Girl'

Pros: i love the fact you can get a sharp line from it without a lip liner and it doesn’t feather. The colors are highly saturated and of course its long lasting I had mine on for hours and it barely came off ! Amazing. Also it has an awesome matte finish and its fast drying.

Cons: although it is long lasting its very drying , but you try to find a lipstick that lasts for hours that isn’t. It can be a little patchy in some spots,like the center will be full of color but the rest if the lip wont,but if you put a balm underneath it you’ll be fine. The color will glide on and your lips stay hydrated.  Its hard to touch up, since the lipstick is long wear , but drying if you try to touch up you have to take the lipstick off an reapply(not if you wear lip balm).

Conclusion: I love it , even though I’ve had some issues they’re easy fixes. I highly recommended this lipstick if you want long lasting lipstick in bold hues.

If you’re wondering in the photos I’m wearing vampira — the dark brown shade & Lolita is the soft nude pink.

Have you guys tried this out before,what did you think? If not whats your favorite lipstick?