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If you can’t tell by now I’m pretty obsessed with dark purple lips. Like completely obsessed. Yesterday I went to Bovanti its a small makeup boutique.

I’ve always walked past them never really interested in their products. But i just wanted to see what they had. That’s when I saw it ‘Eclipse’ even the name sounded sultry.

Its the darkest purple lipstick I’ve found to date and to put it bluntly i kinda needed it.


The pros : Love the color! I needed something that lasts and hydrates and this does it well.


Cons: since it is so hydrating, it feathers. Not awful but just a little moves around. Also it takes a lot to build up the color.

Conclusion:  Its ok , It was only 13 dollars. So I feel, as far as wear and formulation, I got my money’s worth. Also did i mention the insane color?