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Today I got fitted for a bra, I just wanted to see if my boobs got bigger or (hopefully) smaller. So I go in and the lady says I’m about a C or B (I haven’t been that size since middle school). So she hands me a C to try on I try on and the straps were big. I thought yay I’m smaller , nope , turns out I’m a 32DD.

That kinda took me for a loop because for the longest I’ve been just wearing a D cup. But it made me think , what else has changed?

Later that night, before I took a shower I got naked and looked in the mirror,and I mean really looked. I knew my body had changed (obviously) but I never realized how much. My waist for one has gone down and actually stayed that way and my hips got huge. For a second there I didn’t even recognize my body. I always thought I was a toothpick with two grapes stuck on it to finding out I’m a pear with oranges. 

Kinda excited (I have a whole new body to dress) I looked up styling tips for pear shaped girls. Yet none of the tips wear for playing up your shape it was all about balancing, and down playing your hips. No, I finally got curves I want to flaunt them! Im not skinny kimmy I’m a woman now and I want to embrace it. So now that I consider myself in a curvy girls world (no I’m not talking plus size)  I will be bring you real tips to look amazing while working what your mama gave ya!

My first tip : Embrace the body con dress!

Have you seen our shapes in a dress? We kill it! And it doesn’t have to be just body con it can be a normal tank dress , wrap dress, or flowy dress. Our hips give us so much power whether you’re flat or busty like me try wearing dresses of all kinds out more casually. You’ll look amazing!

I always advise playing in the fitting room,grab any dress that catches your eye (in your size) and just try it out. You’ll be amazed at what you can wear.

Are any if you ladies out there pear shaped like me? If not what’s your body type , and how do you like to flaunt it?