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Truth be told I never cared for eyeshadow. That’s weird for a make up artist to say that but I never did. Atleast on me , it wasn’t my look. I liked eyebrows, thick lashes and candied lipstick that’s it. I would have walked in with blue lips before I walked in with a smokey eye.

It wasn’t until the other day I was asked to try out the new eyeshadow shades from make up forever. While the makeup was good , I hated the look. I really like to play up my almond eyes and this was just not doing it. Then I tried the new cat eyes palette from Too Faced , I actually liked it ,it was a total “omg where have you been all my life moment. ” Ever since then I’ve been playing with more and more eyeshadow looks, still can’t rock a hot pink eye (yet) but it’s nice to venture out into the kind of unknown territory.

Today, I challenge you to do something new. Like a crazy lip color like neon orange, a new restaurant, or even just switching out of your makeup rut. You’d be surprised at what you fall in love with.
When was the last time you tried something new?