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Yay my first real DIY! Are you guys ready?

Ok so I’m never good at DIY’s it never turns out really the way I want or something goes wrong or most of the time I half ass it and give up in the middle. But this time it’s different. I have all the tools and the perfect amount of attention to get this finished. 

Today we will complete a project for our 3 day weekend. We will do an ombre vase.

What you need:

A Vase

Spray Paint

{That’s It!}

I already had a vase from a bouquet of flowers I had so that’s the one I’ll be using. If you have a vase and wanted to remove the label try soaking it in warm water for 20 minutes. Then rub it of with a scrubbing sponge and rubbing alcohol.


Go to a well ventilated area (I just went outside, there’s no way to mess anything up) and spray away. To get it that fading look spray the bottom, the paint will trickle down and create an ombre look.


Cool right? A little of mine got on the upper rim but I like it ^_^ imperfection is beauty and it makes it look rustic. Will you guys be trying it ?


This DIY is from The Crafted Life