About Off 4th & Graham

Off 4th & Graham is the web’s #1 hot spot for Urban News, Culture, & Fashion!




Created in 2013 Off 4th & Graham has become the #1 destination for young women who crave fashion and creativity all in the same place. Started by Kimberly Love Off 4th and Graham provides a safe haven for fashionable youth that provides life advice as well as bringing them up to date with all the latest trends in fashion, music, and art.

Recognizing that there weren’t many publications catering to her needs, Kimberly decided to take her interest and create a destination for like minded people whom crave art & fashion in one place.

Kimberly created this blog for the underground scene. A chance to get away from the traditional views on fashion, life, and love and give a chance to the girls who want to something more with their lives.

We are the radical free thinkers who embrace life and express ourselves freely. Off 4th & Graham is where they come so they know that they aren’t the only ones out there with these questions.

That’s why we flood to Off 4th & Graham to find advice about life’s difficult questions and to see what’s happening in the world of fashion and art. With witty commentary and unmatched realness Off 4th & Graham has truly become the #1 spot for life, love, and fashion.

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