Looking to gain more customers or readers to your site or business? Advertise with Off 4th & Graham! With 5K viewers and over 1 million views on our Google + page you will meet engaging readers and shoppers who will love your brand! Read our options below and email to get your business booming!

*All prices include promotional costs. Promotion will be done on our Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Tumblr Page during the duration of the ad.

Sponsored Post: Want our readers to hear about your product launch,new line, showcase, and everything inbetween? Then you might be interested in our sponsored post. You get a detailed description of the line ,and my personal opinion on the brand with 4 links and 3 photos. At this time we are only accepting fashion and beauty related posts and it’s $50 dollars each.

Corner Shops Page: Get your boutique featured on Corner Shops for only $25 dollars a month. This includes your logo, along with a brief description of your website with a link, and the type of clothing available.

Showcase: Where we feature a select garments show you where and how to style. We also review the type of customer service received and the  condition of the garment. $15 dollars each

Events: get coverage for a special event you’re hosting ( travel & boarding included) prices vary depending on event. Please contact me here.

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